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The Walnut Street Garage is closed. Visit the Find Parking Page for alternate parking options. Link here, Find Parking. 

The Bethlehem Parking Authority is committed to reducing our environmental impacts within our daily operations for the health and wellness of our Team Members, residents, and visitors. We will continuously evaluate our operations to expand our efforts but below are some of the things we’re already doing!

We are excited to announce that the BPA was awarded the 2023 PA Governors Award of Environmental Excellence for its Park Green Program!


  • Over 50% of the BPA fleet is electric!
  • The Enforcement fleet is 100% EV
  • We have over 20 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations located in all our garages and multiple parking lots.
  • We promote alternative transportation and mobility by installing bike racks in our parking lots and garages.
  • We’ve partnered with LANta to encourage LANta’s rapid transit line, the EBS Shuttle.

Efficient Operations

  • Our Parking Garages are 100% LED.
  • Lighting occupancy sensors have been installed in our offices, so the lights stay on only when needed.
  • Low flow water fixtures are installed in our office spaces to reduce our water consumption.
  • We have implemented recycling office policies to reduce waste and increase recycling.
  • We purchase green certified cleaning products to protect the environment and our Team Members.
  • We utilize Garage Scrubbing machines that use 70% water and use no cleaning products.
  • We have policies and procedures in place that prioritize walking and bicycling over vehicle use for our Parking Enforcement Officers.

Green Garages

  • We have committed to following Sustainable Design Standards on all new Parking Garages.
  • Multiple forms of payments to reduce idle times at our exit gates, including, Scan to Pay, Text to Pay, Pay on Foot Machines, and Reservation parking.

Check back for more updates as we’ll continue to make responsible decisions on ways that we can reduce our impacts!

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