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Validations and Tokens

The Walnut Street Garage is closed. Visit the Find Parking Page for alternate parking options. Link here, Find Parking. 

Looking for information on the Walnut Street Garage Project? Follow the link here, Walnut Street Garage Project

We offer multiple validation opportunities for your customers! If you provide a large number of validations a month, we offer web-based portals and tablet solutions to accommodate any validation needs. Please reach out to for more information.

Available for City of Bethlehem Businesses only.

Garage Validations are not redeemable during Event Parking. Please see the Event Parking page for information on Event Parking dates and times.

Due to rate increase effective 6/1/24, any validations purchased prior to that date will expire 5/31/24.

Do you have questions?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions
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